Peace Of Mind At Your Fingertips

Technology has revolutionised home security with all sorts of wonderful products. Gone are the days of hitting a keypad before you leave the house. Today you can lock all the doors and arm the alarm with a single touch, view live HD cameras from your mobile phone and receive a txt when a specific person enters your house.

At Advanced Electrical we are on top of all the latest security options and we can tailor a system that suits your space and your budget.


Looking for a home security system you can monitor from anywhere in the world?


Keep The Family Safe.

The latest security options are particularly useful if you have young ones. For example you may have a daughter or son who like to wander off and explore the backyard - with our security system you can now receive a txt every time someone opens the patio door. Which would give you the opportunity to call the house from work and make sure everything is alright or turn on your security camera to see what is going on. This is just one of the many important benefits of installing a home security system.


Need A Simple Standalone Solution?

Although we’re experts at integrating security solutions that are part of a wider home automation system, we can also create a simple standalone security solution if that’s what you’d prefer. A good standalone system will help protect your home and can come with added features such as 24 hour monitoring to give you extra peace of mind. And should you wish to automate other areas in the future – such as lighting, climate control or home entertainment – we can simply integrate your security solution along with them.   



Let's Talk A Safer Home.

If you would like to talk through the safety and security options for your home, simply give us a call.