What sets one stay apart from another?

By integrating the latest in automation technology, hotels and other hospitality venues can create a truly memorable customer experience. And more importantly, one that will have them coming back to stay.

Through one interface – whether it’s a remote, touch screen, or keypad on the wall – guests will enjoy complete one touch control of their space – adjusting drapes, dimming lights, setting the temperature, changing channels, playing music, setting up a wake up, requesting a valet and much more.



Creating The ‘I’ll Come Back’ Experience

Key features technology of a Smart Hotel:

Now occupied.
During check-in an ‘occupied’ room status will bring the room temperature to the perfect level.

Warm welcome
As guest enters their room, a ‘Welcome’ scene is activated – for example - lights switch on, music plays, drapes open, TV displays personalised on-screen welcome.

Energy efficiency
Sensors detect occupancy and set temperatures and adjust lights accordingly.

Personal experience
Guests can set wake-up calls, schedule a favourite TV show and hit a ‘Goodnight’ button to turn everything off.

Going green
A ‘Green’ button allows guests to opt into the hotel’s eco-friendly programme.

Let’s talk through the options.

If you’d like to take the first step towards a Smart Hotel, we’re here to talk through the options.