If you don’t start with a good design – nothing else matters.

We know from experience that a successful outcome always rests on the creation of a good design. We also know that very few companies get this part of the process right. You can be rest assured we do.

At Advanced Electrical we have specialist design experts in-house. Guys with the ability to interpret the specific requirements of a customer and then translate them into highly detailed technical plans.

There is no guesswork or crossing fingers - we create designs knowing they will work in the real world.



Trust the team that’s highly qualified.

Whether you are building a new home, extending or adding electronics to a completed one, we ensure the highest level of workmanship. We are expert installers; our installation team is regularly trained and nationally certified by the most respected organisations in the industry.

Your project is carefully reviewed, set into computer renderings and scheduled according to the needs of the architects, decorators, and contractors. Each step of the installation is reviewed by a project manager, installed by a highly trained member of our team, then inspected by your project manager.



The skills to customise your controls.

Our programmers are fully certified and trained constantly on all of the top home automation products available today. We have been, and continue to be certified Control 4, Bticino and C-Bus programmers who are trained annually on all the newest products released by these top companies.

We can program systems that could control practically every main piece of equipment found in your home with the push of a button. From controlling music and video in any room, to intercom and telephone, to security, lighting, and AC; almost everything can be programmed to work within our custom designed system, and can be expanded as your needs change and grow.