Set The Scene With A Single Touch

At Advanced Electrical we’re experts at providing lighting systems that give you the right amount of light for any space or any task. We also make it super-easy to control.

For example – you can have a wall-mounted keypad in your kitchen with dedicated buttons that match a certain scenario: "Day", "Night", "Entertain", and "All Off ". The single touch of "Night" can bring the garden path lights up to a level where sleepy eyes can see without being blinded with light etc.


The right lighting can transform the look and feel of any indoor or outdoor space – the key is making sure you’re in complete control.


Extra Safety & Security.

Good lighting isn’t just about setting the mood. Controlled lighting can also make your home safer.

Imagine you're driving home on a stormy winter night. You can pull into the drive, open an app on your mobile phone, press an ‘I’m home’ button and the garage door opens, the lights along the pathway illuminate, the front door lights switch on and so do the lights inside the house. Which all make your arrival safe and painless.

In short, we can offer numerous options that can be integrated with all your home systems. These can also be programmed to different scenarios for anyone in the house.

Let's Shed Some Light.

If you would like to talk through the lighting options possible for your home, simply give us a call.